How an RPO engagement works:

The changing volatility of hiring needs is the only normal. One quarter you may have an important deadline and need to staff up; the next quarter you may not hit your goals and need to decrease your staff size. On-demand RPO is an answer to this kind of rapid change.


In an on-demand RPO engagement, companies have Composition/h executive work directly with your hiring manager, handle all communications for candidates sourced from internal, external,or Composition/h . In place of the high contingency fees the positions are filled using a monthly maintenance fee and a much lower incentive fee for our recruiters. The cost savings are typically 50% and up to 75% over recruiter fees.


Composition/h is ready to step in whenever the company needs them. On-demand RPO engagements mean that if hiring needs suddenly increase, a hiring manager can pick up the phone and have the RPO company’s recruiters on the job, as if they were simply an extension of the hiring manager’s own team.  Finally, and experience is gained in this model by both sides, the process becomes more and more efficient as the managers and recruiters get to know each others needs.  Most companies find that the RPO model is by far the best model for outsourced recruiting.

  • Lower Costs (By up to 75%)


  • Better candidates


  • No question on ownership of candidates (Client owns all candidates presented)


  • Composition/h handles all candidates interaction for this role regardless of who presented the candidate.


  • Closer working relationship between recruiter and hiring manager


  • Reduced involvement from HR team


  • Ability to increase or decrease the RPO positions  handled by Composition/h


  • Easy to end service (can be changed on monthly basis)