Contingency type model

Contingency is they way most agencies interact with their clients.  We leverage our network and our team consisting of former technology leaders to provide contract and direct-hire people in extremely hard to find technologies.


We are passionate about these technologies and in many cases we have built similar teams in previous roles.  We look forward to help you find develop your disruptive technology team.  In most cases we only will charge a fee if we find the people that fit your needs.

Executive Leadership

Leadership is key.  Composition-h provides consulting and recruiting for the leadership people on your technology team.  These people are hard to find and need both technical aptitude and the right skills for the team to be a success.


The core 80-90% of the typical team are long term employees.  We can help build the core of your team by recruiting quality people at your one or more offices.


Contract and sometimes contract-to-hire can be a good way to get your technology team started quickly or provide key leadership for tough projects.  These people will often become employees in the future or can move on to other projects when your needs change.

Entry Level

We have a deep network and the ability to help your team bring in Jr. developers to help you build for the future.

Part time

Many of the people in our network have a part-time consulting practice and work with many companies on a part time basis. Part time is their full time goal.  Others are able to provide above-and-beyond hours for an extremely hard to find niche skill-sets.

Team Consulting

Some teams need to be quickly built from the ground up.  Our founders have experience in building all aspects of a niche technology team up to 125 members both in the consulting world and a corporate environment.