Big Data Tool-sets

Big Data, from collection to visualization.

People and Teams

Composition-h can source for both team building and consultants. We have a great network of people and a passion for how Big Data tool-sets. We will source and evaluate Big Data and related skills for your project, including Databases, Execution, Data Streaming, Data transfomation and integration, analysis and visualization.

  • Databases: HBase, HDFS, MongoDB, Cloudera, Cassandra, Neo and others
  • Execute: Pig, MapReduce, Tez, Spark
  • Data Streaming and collection: Nutch and Flume
  • Transformation and Integration with technologies like Hive, Pentaho Kettle, Informatica, SSIS
  • Analysis tools such as Knime, IBM SPSS, Microsoft
  • Visualization with Tableau, Power BI, or others