"We build teams for disruptive innovation "Tech for Digital Consultancies" Composition/h has 20 years experience building Agencies and Digital Consultancies Learn More "Cost Effective RPO Model" Recruitment Process Outsourcing model allows for up to a 75% reduction in recruiting fees Learn More "Building on Blockchain" Building your blockchain team. Perhaps no other technology has as much potential for disruption. Learn More "Mobile Developers" Composition/h has a deep network of native iOS and Android Developers Learn More "Accelerate your career" Find great opportunities to leverage your cutting edge skills on a local and national level. Our clients need talented employees and contractors. Learn More

Project Teams

If you are seeking to assemble a team to complete a project we help to source full time, contract and develop creative plans for long term support.  We have over 20 years experience in the developing companies and teams with hard to find people with cutting edge technologies.

Restarting your technology career

How do you get connected with good companies?  There are more opportunities than ever for those passionate about disruptive technologies.  We can help you chart your career by identifying where to apply your skills now and in the future.

We are passionate about technology

We are former technology account/project managers, developers,  and salespeople that cut our teeth actually delivering these types of projects projects.  We now help by leveraging our network of niche technology people across North America.


Dedicated Sitecore Developers in the US


Blockchain Developers Globally


Recent VR/AR Startups


iOS and Android developers in New York City

Finding Blockchain Developers

Blockchain is moving at a rapid pace with a shift to the blockchain economy beginning in 2025.

Composition/h boasts several leaders in the local and national blockchain community and has a strong understanding of both the technologies and the coming disruption to business






Technology resources by people who have built and managed teams both in for consultancies and the corporate world.

Nationwide Recruiting

Nationwide reach and ability to provide people to companies that have needs in multiple offices.  Many of our clients have offices across North America.

Long Term RPO Partnerships

We partner with our clients by providing people using the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Model resulting in substantial cost savings over traditional contingency type models.

Building Teams from the Ground up.

Our team has built technology teams from the ground up.  As many of our employees come from a technical background we have been in your position, had the need to build , hire, and manage teams.

Disruptive Technologies

Ranging from Blockchain to Martech we have a strong understanding of all of the most disruptive technologies that are impacting industry or have a strong potential in the future.

Entrepreneurial Teams

We  provide consulting and advice for small companies that are building their teams from scratch or larger companies wondering how to build out a new niche quickly and efficiently.

Contract Consulting

Many of our developers can work remote or onsite to augment your existing team or help startup a new technology focus.  This may be on either a part-time or full-time basis.